The Ladies Gaelic Football Association (LGFA) Congress opted to join the GAA and Camogie Association.
It comes after the GPA voted in favor of unification last week, with the LGFA voting 67 in favor and 8 against the merging of the bodies last night.

The GPA was unable to present a direct motion at this meeting but had requested support for the Galway proposal, which was the main topic of debate.

The Galway motion suggests adding a pledge to “join with the GAA with the goal of forming a partnership of equals” to this regulation.

Captains from the GPA’s 31 female football sides met via video chat earlier this week and agreed that the emotion conveyed in the Galway motion is supported by the players.

Last week, all-female captains sent a letter to their county boards, as well as the leadership of the LGFA and Camogie Association, requesting assurance that they would support the GAA’s inclusion priority.

The prior week, GPA CEO Tom Parsons claimed that the moves toward integration “were a commitment; throughout the last 20 years, there have been understandings, rhetoric that has not been committed,” he added.

“We will never get to where the association wants to be until we close that gap, so it was a really great experience for the players. You want 100 percent when it comes to equality and inclusion, but we’ll accept 90%; it’s a powerful mandate, and we’ll see what happens “as a result of that.”

Limerick Senior Hurler Gearóid Hegarty agreed, saying that there is a huge disparity in how women are treated compared to how males are handled.

“This includes anything from scheduling conflicts to access to facilities to female players being asked to pay to participate. Can I afford it? they must question themselves.

“I’m in an extremely fortunate situation. We are literally deprived of everything. Everything is set up for us when we get for training, so all I have to do is show up and go out on the field. Everything else was taken care of, from the essentials like a hot shower to hot meals and recovery smoothies. There are physiotherapists and a doctor on hand.

“We’re now in the year 2022, and there’s no reason why women should be treated any differently than males in any aspect of life, including the games we all enjoy.”

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